Friday Favorites.

March 8, 2013
Happy Friday! Hope you all are having a nice Friday so far. I'm happy- today is date night with Mike. He leaves tomorrow morning for a few weeks and we always make it a point to have a date night before he leaves. I'm going to see my extended family at some point this weekend too, so that should be fun. I hope my weekend ends up to be as relaxing as I am hoping though. Anyway, here are some cool things I found online this week:

I'm quite heart-obsessed (as if you couldn't tell by all my heart tattoos), so this cute sweater from ModCloth makes me smile!

These "my side" + "your side" pillow cases

This personalized wooden bench- what a cute idea! I'd love to have one with my favorite quote or song lyrics.

These crazy + pretty speakers. Yes, these are speakers!

One of my new favorite daily reads- Daily Dishonesty- all about the little lies we all tell ourselves.

This cute illustration of Royal Tenenbaum and Pagoda.

This video of Quyen Dinh speed painting one of his tattoo flash pieces.

Jamie's post over at Ann Street Studio, filled with gorgeous photos of a trip she took with her husband to Wyoming. The South Florida girl in me is always in awe of snowy landscapes like these. I'm not used to this kind of thing! ;)


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