February 25, 2013

My sister and I both work at the same university. She's a librarian and I am an executive assistant. About 4 years ago, the library here on campus (thanks to my sister), hired me to photograph both of their locations. They wanted nice, stock-type photos to use for their websites and the like. It was actually a fun job for me and gave me a chance to hang out with my sister. It's definitely a lot easier to shoot a library and all those books, than the babies and dogs that I am used too ;)

Last week, my sister let me know that the library would like to hire me again, because they want new and updated photos. I of course said yes- I'd love to do it again. Part of me is curious to see how I can re-shoot both libraries and produce different photos than I did the first time. I looked for my old photos today, just to refresh my memory and start to get ideas flowing. Just looking through these photos now, I can already think of so many different shots I want to try and do differently than the last time. I'm really looking forward to doing this again- it's a nice change from what I am usually shooting.

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