Friday Favorites.

February 15, 2013
Happy Friday! Being that yesterday was Valentine's Day, I decided that today's post would be "love-themed." Single, or in a relationship- hopefully you had a nice day yesterday. Unfortunately Mike is traveling, so I spent Valentine's Day with Riley. I took her to the park and to Petco on a "date." Even though Mike wasn't here to celebrate with me (us!), I still had a nice time with my girl. I am pretty sure that you'll like the things I've found for you, because I sure do. I wish I could buy all of these prints right now! Enjoy:

This quote (found on Tumblr)

These Valentine-themed manicures- I love the one with the little hearts (via Sephora)

This cute DIY message in a bottle (via Camille Styles)

This cute chevron print dress, which is perfect for date night (via Mod Cloth)

These red velvet waffles with cream cheese syrup- a great idea for breakfast in bed with your love (via A Beautiful Mess)

This "I love you" print from Karin Akesson (via Rockett St George)

This pretty pillow (via BrightJuly)

These neat heart-shaped "lace" pancakes- perfect for a romantic breakfast (via Le Minimalist)

This adorable drawing of a "camera couple" (via Angela + Ithyle)

This cute DIY "All you need is love" banner (via Armommy)

This adorable heart hole-punch, which kind of makes me wish I had a reason to even use a hole-punch anymore! (via Uncommon Goods)

This print from the Caravan Shoppe- I love that font/type

This funny and cute print (via LetterHappy)

This cute, custom, personalized embroidery (via Miniature Rhino)

This pretty heart + arrow necklace (via Bbel)


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