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February 1, 2013
Happy Friday and happy February! It seems like 2013 is just trying to speed on by. It feels like just yesterday it was New Years Eve and I was getting ready to start 2013. Any big plans for the weekend? I honestly just want to sleep in!! Anything else will just be a bonus ;) As always, I hope you enjoy my internet finds of the week:

This gorgeous cabin (via You Are My Fave)

This quote (via Pinterest)

This graphic by Lisa Congdon

I wish my hair would grow faster! Sometimes I think about dying it red too. For now I'll stay blonde though...(via Pinterest)

This Margot Tenenbaum illustration by Logan Faerber

This mermaid tattoo by Guen Douglas- and you know I love tattoos with tattoos!

 This pretty sunset in St. Augustine, FL (via Cory Catts)

This print from Twiggs Designs, which really needs to be my new motto, especially in regards to my back/back pain.

This amazing little attic nook, with a huge window/skylight (via Pinterest)

Annie McElwain's awesome photo wall/frame

This gorgeous photo of Sardinia, Italy (via Blue Pueblo)

This statement (via Pinterest)

These great illustrations by Marlo Meekins

As always, some Maddie the Coonhound for you (via Maddie On Things)


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