A Saturday morning sunrise.

February 7, 2013
A couple of weeks ago, Mike and I managed to drag ourselves out of bed and drive over to Miami Beach, in order to watch the sunrise. Mike with his fishing rod in hand, me with my camera. It happened to be a foggy morning, which I am not used to down here. It made for some pretty photos and I kind of wish it was foggy around here more often. It reminded me of some photos I took a couple of years ago, on my way to work one morning, when there happened to be a lot of fog.

It had been a long time since I'd been up early enough to watch a sunrise. I remember there was a time where I used to wake up at least once or twice a month to catch the sunrise. I used to take some coffee out there with me, at least one camera, and just enjoy the moment. There's nothing like watching the sun come up over the ocean. It's definitely one of my favorite things. Sadly these days, I would much rather sleep in on the weekends, than wake up early to drive out to the beach. Being out there again though, made me realize how much I missed it and how much I love being out there. I think I can sacrifice my sleep once in a while and make it out there from time to time. It's definitely worth it once I'm out there.


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