Rye-rye at the park (again).

January 8, 2013
Due to the Holiday craziness over the past month and the unfortunate time-change in November, I haven't really been able to take Riley to the dog park at all. Add to that, the main gate of the dog park being broken recently, which means we really haven't been able to go at all! This weekend I found out that the gate had finally been repaired, so I leashed Riley up and we drove over to the park so that we could both enjoy the nice weather. I met up with my friends Emily and Frank, and their Dalmatian Perdita and we all had a great time. Riley was very happy to be back at the park again, as you can tell by all of these photos. She had a great time playing with all of her friends, playing fetch with mama and her personal favorite- rolling around in dirt! I personally can't wait for the time to change again in March, so that we can resume our daily park visits. I am hoping that March gets here soon!


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