Friday Favorites.

January 18, 2013
Happy Friday!!! I'm so glad it's Friday- I feel like this week really dragged on. I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend- we have a long weekend, thanks to the Martin Luther King holiday on Monday. Any big plans for the weekend?

This really unique wedding cake topper. The font geek in me loves the way this looks! (via Amelia Lyon Photography)

This statement, which for me rings true (via Pinterest)

This cute pug gnome print, featured on this week. You can also visit the artist's Etsy shop here as well: Dog Art by Brian Rubenacker

This awesome faux bois style dog treat canister, also on, from The Life of Ryley. I love anything wood-grain/wooden and they have a whole series of faux bois dog dishes too that are so cute!

Do any of you love fonts as much as I do? I am obsessed with all sorts of different fonts/typefaces and love when I can find some really good ones for free. Check out this list of 25 free fonts, via A Subtle Revelry.

This really great tattoo by Jenn Small. I've been a fan of Jenn's tattoos for years now- getting a tattoo from her is definitely on my bucket list.

Joanna posted about these neat pedometer bracelets from Jawbone over on her blog, A Cup of Jo, and I really wish they weren't so out of my price range! They not only track your activity/calories but you can also set an alarm/reminders, to alert you when you've been inactive for too long. This would really come in handy for me, because of my back. I've noticed while at work, if I am sitting at my desk too long without getting up, that my back bothers me more. I currently have alarms on my calendar at work, to remind me to get up and walk around every hour and a half. This bracelet can essentially do the same thing. It can also keep track of your sleep cycles- which would also come in handy for me too. Maybe one day I'll splurge on something like this.

These photographs- yes photographs, by Alexa Meade. At first glance, these look like paintings but they are actually photographs!

Elsie's awesome Instax covered wall in her home, via A Beautiful Mess. It reminds me of my Polaroid wall in my living room, but hers is just on so much more of a grand scale- I love it! (I am wondering if she maybe got wallpaper made?? Because the more you look at this picture, the photos repeat a lot...hmmm...I'll just have to wait and see what she says when she blogs about it!)


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