Friday Favorites.

January 11, 2013
It's been forever since I've made a Friday Favorites post- I kind of slacked off with blogging and the Internet in general, because of the holidays and being busy. I'm back to my regular schedule though and I hope you enjoy some of my favorite Internet finds this week!

This print by WRDNR

This quote, which really hits home for me, with regards to how I deal with my back/spine related issues.

These double exposures by Marissa Bolen

This lovely photo by Katie King

This cassette-tape table, which of course reminds me of my childhood and making mix-tapes all the time, though it's slightly out of my price range ($1,199) (via TAYBLE)

This print via Eat Sleep Draw- which is 100% accurate for myself and every girl I know!

This dreamy little cabin (found on Tumblr)

Maddie the Coonhoud and her new grill (via Maddie On Things)


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