Friday Favorites.

September 28, 2012

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that everyone had a nice week and that you all have even nicer weekends! I had a nice week, considering that Mike has been home. Having him around again makes everything better :) As always- please enjoy the things that caught my eye online this week:

These Miami and Miami Beach necklaces featured on this week. I love them- I really want to get myself one, I just can't decide which one I want! There are lots of other cities too- check them out. (if you still don't shop at Fab and need an invite code-- click here!)

The Upwardly Mobile Satchel from Mod Cloth. I love this bag- perfect for every-day use, carrying it around to work and what not. I love the color too. I'm really into the color red these days.

The new Marilyn Monroe inspired collection for MAC. I want all of the lipsticks, please! Such gorgeous, classic colors- I really would wear them all.

This really cool custom, watercolor silhouette portrait, from A Lovely Lark

Both of these great blog posts: both are full of helpful photo tips and ideas, for those of us that might need a little assistance in the camera/photography department

This simple list of 10 goals that Julie has for the Fall, over on her blog Orchid Grey (makes me think I should come up with my own list of goals for this season...)

Katie's cute outfit post on her blog- I can't wait for it to get a little cooler down here in Miami, so I can start wearing tights again!

These beautiful, custom couple portraits, from Oana Befort- I am in love with this beautiful, but simple style. I would love to get some done of me and Mike one day (via Sometimes Sweet)

Pumpkin-carving-time is almost upon us (I love carving pumpkins for Halloween!) and here is a post with instructions on how to roast perfect pumpkin seeds on Oh She Glows.

The Sangiorgio-Mykonos Giorgio Hotel- it looks so pretty, peaceful and relaxing (via Design Shimmer)

Friday Favorites.

September 21, 2012

HAPPY FRIDAY! Has this week been a really long week, or is it just me? I am so happy it's Friday- Mike comes home tomorrow (for a week) and I can't wait to catch up on all the missed kisses, I-love-yous and dinner dates. Here are a few of the things I spotted online this week, that I really liked:

These really cute tote bags (they do custom orders too!) from Le Papier Studio (via A Cup Of Jo)

This spectacular cinemagraph, taken in Paris (via Ann Street Studio)

My friend Diana recently went to Paris for a week and she's posted some really great photos from her trip on her blog, here and here. Definitely worth a peek! (via Designed By Diana)

I love Katie's blog- she takes the simplest, yet prettiest pictures, that make a post about 'tomato-soup-weather' seem perfect! (via The Pencil Box)

This image, because people (strangers, especially) love to tell me to smile. Sorry if my bitchface offends you! (found on Tumblr)

This photograph

A fire pit in the backyard that reminds me of the beach?? Yes please!! (via Pinterest)

This home in Portugal, with the most amazing view (via Style-Files)
This circular-style print, from CalamariStudio

This mermaid art (found on Tumblr)

Wordless Wednesday.

September 19, 2012
This week's Wordless Wednesday is brought to you by a very short trip to the Perrine Wayside Dog Park that Riley had last week. Due to my back problems the past week, I've been unable to take Riley on her daily, long walks or even to the dog park. I felt bad for having her cooped up with me while I've been on bed rest, that I took her to the dog park with the lake for a swim last Saturday, for about an hour. It was all I could handle and it was enough to wear her out for a few hours. Needless to say, even though it was a short visit, she had a blast, like she always does. I will never tire of watching her swim and play with other dogs.

(Riley was very curious about the turtles. She kept barking at them and trying to touch them!)

Riley's boyfriend.

September 18, 2012
Riley has herself a boyfriend! She met a Vizsla named Hunter at the dog park recently and the two of them became instant friends. It's definitely a treat to get to see Riley play with another Vizsla- especially one close in age.

Could she be any happier? :) 

When Vizsla's play together, it's all ears!

Hunter is just TOO CUTE. 

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