HAWAII, day 5 & 6.

December 6, 2012
Today I bring you days 5 and 6 of our Hawaiian adventure. Unfortunately, I don't have much to report for day 5. I spent most of the previous night and that whole day in bed, nursing a migraine. We spent all day in our room and only ventured out for dinner (which was very delicious Thai food). Day 6 we spent exploring the North Shore of Oahu, known for it's surfing.

Since we didn't leave our room, aside from going to dinner, all I have to share are photos I took of the sunset, from our balcony:

We got a good night's sleep and woke up early and headed out for a drive, to explore the North Shore.

That island behind me is called "Chinaman's Hat Island."

This next stop is what became our favorite beach in all of Oahu- Hukilau Beach.

It was so beautiful there. Very peaceful and quiet and not many people around at all.

We left the Hukilau Beach and continued along our drive around the North Shore...

While we continued our drive around the North Shore, we drove past this home, that we just had to get out and look at. It was absolutely gorgeous, with of course, a wonderful view.

While still driving around the North Shore, we came upon the famous beaches that the surfers hang out at the most. We actually were there in the midst of a surfing competition.

After we watched the surfers for a bit, we continued along with our drive and stopped to get some delicious shaved ice. It was so yummy and refreshing on that hot day!

After our shaved ice treat, we decided to head back to our favorite beach of the day- the Hukilau, and hang out, relax and go for a swim.

After our day at the North Shore, we showered and headed over to "our beach" at Ala Moana Beach to watch our last Hawaiian sunset of the trip.

Mike was off exploring, and I was just hoping that he wouldn't get hit by any huge waves!

This is what Mike picked off the rocks...very weird!

The sunsets in Hawaii are definitely beautiful. I was so glad we got to see as many as we did. We even recorded this last sunset too!


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