Wordless Wednesday.

November 14, 2012
Wordless Wednesday is brought to you this week by some of my favorite spine-related images that I have found on Flickr. I haven't picked up my camera too much this week (the time change has taken away all of my picture-taking time) and due to some medical news I received today, I decided to share with you, other peoples photographs, relating to the spine. I was told today that I need to get a new MRI of my lower spine done and need a consult with a neurologist. Fun stuff. Hope you enjoy these photos.

OH Columbus - Spine
(via scottamus)

Twisted Spine
(via kellykm)

Lumbar Spine X-Ray L4 L5 S1
(via planetc1)

Spine with Cervicals
(via planetc1)

(via phluke)

(via niaink)

(via anatomicalstitch)

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  1. Cool images. I hope the consult goes well and you can get some relief.

  2. I hope the MRI + consult go well. I love the photos, some made me shiver for some reason. Haha. Creepy ;) I know what you mean about taking photos. I'm bummed the sun goes down so early now. I plan on taking photos for our Christmas cards this weekend and have to start by 3pm! ♥Lindsay


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