HAWAII, day 4.

November 30, 2012
On our 4th day in Hawaii, we woke up very early, grabbed breakfast and headed out to explore the Windward coast of Oahu. We saw gorgeous mountains (the mountains where the filmed Jurassic Park) and lots of beautiful beaches.

We waited in line foreverrrr to have breakfast here. The line is halfway down the block to get in here, every single day of the week.

Despite the long wait, these pancakes were some of the most delicious pancakes I have ever eaten.

Like the previous days, we just did a lot of driving and would pull over pretty much anywhere that had a place to pull over, so that we could explore and take pictures.



I couldn't believe there was someone fishing down there. I would be scared of a huge wave dragging me out to the ocean!

This beach was called "Sandy Beach" and according to one of the island guides, this is supposed to be President Obama's favorite beach in Hawaii.

The waves here seemed pretty rough and there were signs posted throughout, stating that if you are not a strong swimmer, they do not recommend swimming there.

I guess that the rough waves never stop the surfers and paddle boarders ;)

Mike was checking out the tide pools.

A seal! We definitely don't get these down in Florida!

We weren't sure if it was hurt or beaching itself, so we alerted the lifeguards.

It was crazy to see hang gliders on the side of the mountain.

I definitely never got sick of all the spectacular views, everywhere!

And then we went to a luau.

There was a lighthouse on the beach, where the luau took place.

The luau was totally touristy and totally cheesy, but totally fun. I'm glad we did it.

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  1. OMG. I die. I passionately love your Dave Chappelle shirt. And your tattoos. I'm so happy you got to go on this trip. Looks amazeballs (amazeyankballs?)


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