November 8, 2012


Loving: the "scarf weather" in Miami aka it's finally not dreadfully hot and humid. We had our first cold front come through last week, while we were away, so we missed it. Thankfully it cooled off again last night, and today it's still pretty chilly for us Miamians. It was about 61 degrees this morning when I left for work (which is probably warm for some of you Northerners!) but it was perfect weather to bust out one of my many light scarves and my favorite red sweater.
Thinking about: Traveling. Vacationing. Hawaii. Obviously I can't stop thinking about it. It's been on my mind since the moment our plane left the runway in Honolulu. As much as I hate all of Mike's near-constant traveling during racing season, this year we finally got to reap some of the benefits of all that travel. Thanks to all his airline miles, hotel points, etc. our trip was practically free 85-90% cheaper than what it should have cost us. I told Mike that I will definitely be able to deal with racing season a lot easier if it means I get to go somewhere amazing like Hawaii every year ;) He agreed that as long as he has the miles/points, there's no reason not to travel like this once a year. My mind is already racing with all the places we'd love to visit and explore. Hawaii was truly a wonderful time for us and I can't wait to finish editing my photos and sharing our vacation with you. 

Anticipating: having the day off of work this coming Monday due to Veteran's Day. I know I just had over a week off, but you know how sometimes you just need a vacation because of your vacation? I still feel tired, slightly jet lagged and like I haven't quite recovered from it all. I'm looking forward to a quiet, laid back, long weekend. If the weather is still nice on Monday, perhaps even a picnic with my two loves would be great.

Wishing: that I could be back in Hawaii right now, getting ready for the sunset. We really enjoyed watching the sunset in the evenings at the beach closest to our hotel. It was the most beautiful view and a perfect spot for sunset-watching. Just sitting on the sea wall, having the waves crashing beneath our feet, holding hands, stealing kisses, and watching a beautiful sunset. What more could you need or want?

Reading: During the past week, I finally got around to reading Tina Fey's funny and entertaining book, Bossypants. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and pretty much couldn't put it down until I was through reading. Now that I've finally read that, maybe I'll get around to Mindy Kaling's book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, that has been collecting dust on my nightstand for almost a year!

Making me happy:  Mike. He really is a wonderful boyfriend, best friend, and partner-in-crime. He honestly and truly made one of my life-long dreams come true when he took me to Hawaii last week. Hawaii had always been one of those places I had dreamed of visiting, ever since I was a little girl. Finally getting the chance to go, and being there with the love of my life, was something I will never forget. This trip and these memories are something I will always cherish and something I will always be grateful to Mike for, for making it all happen. I am truly a lucky lady.

Thanks as always to Danielle, for the idea and inspiration behind the "Currently..." posts!

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  1. I am so glad you both had a wonderful trip! This post made my heart happy :)

    Is it weird that I miss Riley?!


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