A picnic.

November 13, 2012
The weather in Miami has finally started changing- we get some nice days of cooler air, in between our usual hot & humid days. Wanting to take advantage of this great weather, we decided to have a backyard picnic on Sunday. Mike cooked up hot dogs and sausages on a mini-grill, we had a few different ciders and beers to drink & plenty of snacks, while Riley provided our entertainment. It was the most relaxed, simple and perfect way to spend our Sunday afternoon as family. I enjoyed this so much, that am hoping for another picnic or two this season.

As you can see, Riley was entertaining herself (and us) perfectly during our picnic ;) 

This cider was really yummy. 

This tiny little speaker has been one of the best purchases I've ever made- it was a random purchase on Fab.com last year. It's really loud, great quality and amazing battery/charge life.

As you can see, Riley really enjoys entertaining herself with her leash, as well as her sticks. 

And sometimes- both the leash and stick at the same time ;) 

This stick was the "souvenir" that we brought back from Hawaii, for Riley. It was a random stick/piece of driftwood that we found during one of our many walks on the beach. As soon as I saw/found that stick, I knew it was perfect for Riley. We finally dug it out of our suitcase and gave it to Riley. This is her first time seeing it. 

As you can see, she was very excited about her souvenir. 

Very excited ;) 

Hot dogs cooked on the grill are always so good. 

Riley partied hard!

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  1. That apple cider looked yummy. I may have to try it. What great way to enjoy the great weather this weekend!


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