30 days of THANKS, post three.

November 30, 2012
This is my final post for my 30 days of THANKS. In case you missed the other two posts, you can check them out here: post ONE and post TWO.

HAWAII, day 4.

On our 4th day in Hawaii, we woke up very early, grabbed breakfast and headed out to explore the Windward coast of Oahu. We saw gorgeous mountains (the mountains where the filmed Jurassic Park) and lots of beautiful beaches.

We waited in line foreverrrr to have breakfast here. The line is halfway down the block to get in here, every single day of the week.

Despite the long wait, these pancakes were some of the most delicious pancakes I have ever eaten.

30 days of THANKS, post two.

November 21, 2012
Last week I shared with you all days 1-10, of my 30 Days of Thanks series. Today I am sharing days 11-20.

** and in case you missed my first post, days 1-10, click HERE.

HAWAII, day 3.

November 20, 2012

We woke up early again, this time headed to Pearl Harbor. It was a very moving, somber experience. I am glad we had a chance to check it out.

I pretty much ate banana pancakes as often as possible ;)

And then it was back to "our beach" to enjoy the sunset...

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