Bits & pieces.

October 1, 2012
Here are bits and pieces of my weekend, in photograph form, of course.

I love our new welcome mat :)

In a rare Martha Stewart moment, I made this for our front door last month.

It was an IHOP for breakfast kinda day on Saturday.

This is his "no pictures" face.

Banana pancakes are always a good idea.

A quick stop at Tiffany to pick up my bracelet that was being repaired.

While at Tiffany, we had to make a stop at Anthropolgie as well.

This soap smelled so good.

I've always been a fan of the Anthropolgie store decorations. I especially loved this huge wall full of origami cranes.

My baby girl :)

A member of the ginger family- these are growing in our backyard. So pretty!


Watching our nephew at his ice skating practice.

Little kids on ice skates are adorable.

 On our way to the dog park!

I hope that everyone had a nice weekend, like I did!

*Thank you to James for the inspiration behind the Bits + Pieces post*


  1. <3 this post!

    Keep up the Martha Stewart-ness, the wreath is adorable! And I love that Mike's plate looks overflowing with bacon... nom nom

    1. girllll, winding all that yarn around and around and around...was ridiculous! i thought i would never finish! but yeah i actually liked making it. i can't wait to make one for christmas ;) this one is Fall-ish enough to last me till Thanksgiving, i think.

      mike always gets extra/double bacon! mmmm bacon...

  2. I just found my way to your lovely blog! great photos they have a very American vibe! cheers from Australia


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