Friday Favorites.

September 21, 2012

HAPPY FRIDAY! Has this week been a really long week, or is it just me? I am so happy it's Friday- Mike comes home tomorrow (for a week) and I can't wait to catch up on all the missed kisses, I-love-yous and dinner dates. Here are a few of the things I spotted online this week, that I really liked:

These really cute tote bags (they do custom orders too!) from Le Papier Studio (via A Cup Of Jo)

This spectacular cinemagraph, taken in Paris (via Ann Street Studio)

My friend Diana recently went to Paris for a week and she's posted some really great photos from her trip on her blog, here and here. Definitely worth a peek! (via Designed By Diana)

I love Katie's blog- she takes the simplest, yet prettiest pictures, that make a post about 'tomato-soup-weather' seem perfect! (via The Pencil Box)

This image, because people (strangers, especially) love to tell me to smile. Sorry if my bitchface offends you! (found on Tumblr)

This photograph

A fire pit in the backyard that reminds me of the beach?? Yes please!! (via Pinterest)

This home in Portugal, with the most amazing view (via Style-Files)
This circular-style print, from CalamariStudio

This mermaid art (found on Tumblr)

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  1. Yay! I made your post.

    Also love that women smiling print. I need that permanently around me.


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