Friday Favorites.

September 7, 2012

Happy Friday! How is everyone's September starting out? Mine is good so far. Same old, same old for me over here. I hope that everyone is well! Here are some things I found online and wanted to share with you:

This really sweet baby gender reveal from The Little Red Horse Co. (via A Cup Of Jo)

This adorable dog tattoo by Michelle Rubano

This gorgeous little cabin, via Cabins Cabins Cabins. "Island Cabin on Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada. The cabin has no electricity or phone, and sits on a small island, only accessible by boat. It is connected by a swinging bridge to another tiny island. Together they are under an acre in size."

This print by Audrey Kawasaki

These awesomely made-up kids in Halloween costumes (found on Tumblr)

This granite marker, that sits at the corner of Dorchester and 53rd Streets where President Barack Obama first kissed first lady Michele Obama, Aug. 16, in Chicago (found via First Family)

These great vacation photos from Joanna's impromptu mini-vacation to Capri, with her husband. Doesn't that water look gorgeous? I'd love to go for a swim there. (via A Cup Of Jo)

This statement, which couldn't be more true!

These hilarious photos of Trotter, the French Bulldog (via The Fluffington Post)


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