Friday Favorites.

September 28, 2012

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that everyone had a nice week and that you all have even nicer weekends! I had a nice week, considering that Mike has been home. Having him around again makes everything better :) As always- please enjoy the things that caught my eye online this week:

These Miami and Miami Beach necklaces featured on this week. I love them- I really want to get myself one, I just can't decide which one I want! There are lots of other cities too- check them out. (if you still don't shop at Fab and need an invite code-- click here!)

The Upwardly Mobile Satchel from Mod Cloth. I love this bag- perfect for every-day use, carrying it around to work and what not. I love the color too. I'm really into the color red these days.

The new Marilyn Monroe inspired collection for MAC. I want all of the lipsticks, please! Such gorgeous, classic colors- I really would wear them all.

This really cool custom, watercolor silhouette portrait, from A Lovely Lark

Both of these great blog posts: both are full of helpful photo tips and ideas, for those of us that might need a little assistance in the camera/photography department

This simple list of 10 goals that Julie has for the Fall, over on her blog Orchid Grey (makes me think I should come up with my own list of goals for this season...)

Katie's cute outfit post on her blog- I can't wait for it to get a little cooler down here in Miami, so I can start wearing tights again!

These beautiful, custom couple portraits, from Oana Befort- I am in love with this beautiful, but simple style. I would love to get some done of me and Mike one day (via Sometimes Sweet)

Pumpkin-carving-time is almost upon us (I love carving pumpkins for Halloween!) and here is a post with instructions on how to roast perfect pumpkin seeds on Oh She Glows.

The Sangiorgio-Mykonos Giorgio Hotel- it looks so pretty, peaceful and relaxing (via Design Shimmer)

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  1. I love that Marilyn makeup too. I actually found a reddish lip gloss/stain I'm really loving this week. Made me think of you and your red pout!


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