Friday Favorites.

August 24, 2012
YAY IT'S FRIDAY!! Another Friday is upon us...and with this Friday comes almost the end of August...which means almost the end of summer! I am a little sad that summer is almost over (even though I live in Miami and it's summer all the time here). As always, here are the things that have caught my eye on the internet recently:
This print, from The Black Apple

This sweet print from Kelli Murray

This image from Tumblr. Wherever/whatever this is- I want it in my life!

This interesting idea for using Kool-Aid as a lip stain, from The Beauty Department.

Jamie Beck's beautiful wedding- I am in love with her dress! (via Ann Street Studio)

This great print from TheLoveShop (via A Beautiful Mess)

This image from Tumblr.

This image/idea from Pinterest.

This beautiful tattoo

This print from IAmProject

More great embroidery from Lucky Jackson- as always, I can't resist Margot Tenenbaum.

This graffiti that Naomi snapped, while walking around NYC (via Rockstar Diaries)


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