Friday Favorites.

July 6, 2012

I hope that everyone enjoyed their 4th of July (if you celebrated) and is enjoying their summer so far! As always, here are my favorite internet finds this week:

This graphic (via Pinterest)

These cute chevron nail decals (via MadeByMunchiesMama)

This MIAMI tattoo by Pooka

This great summer manifesto by Ali Edwards. I wish I'd thought of something similar!

This dirty cross-stitch (found via Tumblr)

This drawing- I love wearing my hair in braids- I hope I never get too "old" for braids! (found via Tumblr)

Cinque Terre, Italy- one of my bucket list destinations

This post of DIY-Sharpie-Mug-Art by I Rock So What, is so cute- I would love to go to town on a couple of IKEA mugs with some Sharpie markers

This fabulous photo of my friend Des and her daughter Zoe, for Leveled Mag

This funny illustration of a tramp stamp ;) (found on Tumblr)


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