July 31, 2012

I just had the last 6 days off of work, for a total of a 10 days of nothing at all to do- a wonderful stay-cation. Mike had been away from home for over 4 weeks and finally came back home last Monday. I took the week off of work to be able to spend time with him as much as possible, because unfortunately he left again today. We're also not sure when he'll return home again, we tried to make the most out of our week together. Lots of movie and dinner dates, beach time with Riley and lots of kisses and cuddles throughout (for both me and Riley, naturally).  Racing season doesn't end until October, so I'll be dealing with lots of airport goodbyes for a while. *sigh*

While I was on my stay-cation, I made a point of disconnecting myself from the internet as much as I could. While yes, I did send a tweet here and there, post a picture on Instagram or Facebook, I didn't check my emails for 10 days. I didn't read any blogs, check any websites, etc. and it was actually nice to be a little bit disconnected from the world. Unfortunately that meant I also neglected my blog and haven't posted in a while, but I promise I'll be right back to posting in no time!


LOVING: the non-stop Olympic coverage! I'm addicted to the women's beach volleyball, the swimming, both womens/mens gymnastics...I can't stop watching!

THINKING ABOUT: Mike. Saying goodbye to him at the airport today was rough. I think what makes it harder is not knowing when he'll be coming back home again.

ANTICIPATING: going to the dog park when I get off work tonight. As cheesy as it is, I've really grown to love my dog park time with Riley. I enjoy it and I know that she really enjoys it. It's a nice way to just chill out after a long day at work.

LISTENING TO: Pop That, by French Montana. That song is my new jam!

EATING: nothing at the moment but I'm trying to think about what I am going to cook myself for dinner tonight. Maybe something curried? I love curry!

WISHING: that this past week with Mike wasn't over with already. Wishing that we'd been able to spend more time at the beach. Wishing that he was still here at home with me and Riley. Wishing that our time apart passes quickly.


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