Wordless Wednesday.

June 6, 2012
Wordless Wednesday is short this week; just a few photos of Riley's trip to the dog park and some iPhone photos thrown in for good measure ;) Due to major car trouble, I haven't taken any pictures in the last week. I have been too preoccupied with stress to want to pick up my camera, and I also haven't gone anywhere interesting to take pictures of! *Fingers crossed that I can get some nice pictures this weekend, for next week's post*

(The rest of these are all iPhone photos)


  1. SO, SO, SO cute! I will never get enough of your doggy pictures. I melt every time!

    1. aw thanks! I'll be sure to let Riley know she's got a fan ;) my blog has turned into a crazy-dog-lady-blog, but I can't help myself! i am sure if i had kids, my blog would be full of pictures of them. tomorrow's wordless wednesday post will be chock full of Riley as usual! ;)


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