Riley & the tall grass.

June 26, 2012

The area behind our house, where we walk Riley every day, is in dire need of being mowed and landscaped. Because that area used to be railroad tracks, it is technically Federal/County property- which means the County is responsible for maintaining it. They are usually pretty consistent with making sure that area is mowed but thanks to the crazy amounts of rain that we've been having lately, it's growing out of control back there. Sometimes I feel like we're in this crazy grass jungle. The grass is getting so tall that there are times where I can barely see Riley when she's in the thick of it. Some of the extra-tall grass has developed these little tiny grass flowers on the tips and Riley has developed a habit where she has to sniff every single one that she walks by. It's really cute to see her do it and just melts my heart. But then again, almost everything Riley does is cute ;)


  1. Well until they get around to mowing... you may want to invest in a reflective hunt collar. Like this:

    I use it on Luna when we are in a Vizsla group to identify her more easily... as well as in the woods as she is sooo freaking fast that it makes it easier for me to spot her when things are thick.

    Also be sure that none of the grasses are fox tail grasses as the seeds can get lodged in the nose and cause lots of pain, surgery, and sometimes death as they migrate. Not sure if you have them in your area but it is good to be aware of.

    On a more positive note, very cute pics. Her weight is indeed coming off, not much more to go I don't think. Enjoy the grass for Luna, she loves zoomies in tall grass, sometimes gets her all wound up.

    1. I'm glad her weight-loss is noticeable! I got worried when more than a few people on Instagram made comments about her weight. Our vet says that her extra weight was mostly likely due to the high fat content of puppy food. She definitely doesn't get overloaded on treats and never has people food. We've always made sure to exercise her daily but I guess me taking her to the dog park almost every single day has helped! :)

      I look into the fox tail thing- I didn't know about that!

  2. It is hard, these guys are known for sneaking the pounds on... we live with them every day and with their naturally fit build we just don't notice it till it's like "whoa, when did you get chunky." I know you probably love your vet, but don't totally trust their opinion about her weight. It is a touchy subject all around for them to talk about to clients. I often have people just from the vet coming in for boarding and they said their vet said their dog was at a good weight... when to me they are a little chunky. Gotta keep in mind vets will also make money off overweight dogs even if way down the road when it finally catches up to such an active breed. You can always send pictures of a good profile shot and a from above shot of the back to your breeder to see what they think. I do think she is a bigger boned girl to begin with, but even the thicker boned Vizslas should still have a well defined waste, tuck, and good visible rib spring. I personally like mine on the leaner side and want to see a hint of an individual rib when Luna is moving, bending, sniffing. There are all sorts of diagrams online that explain various levels of body fitness for dogs. Here is one you probably have seen before

    We typically take our puppies off the puppy food by at least 6 months.. all sorts of opinions out there, but I never saw anything negative from doing this. And as far as how much Luna gets that is a daily calculation. All based on what she did that day, or what the trend is for the week. If she did not get out as much due to weather, and maybe I fed a kong to keep her busy too... she gets less kibble for the day. If we went on a big hike or she hunted hard she might get quite a bit more food that day. Often it changes weekly if not daily to keep her at an ideal weight. It's hard though, so many opinions out there but I rather have mine on the skinny side than wonder if they are carrying a little too much. That way she can run till her heart is content and I know her body is not slowing her down. I know it will keep coming off her, especially with all the dog park Visits! Keep it up


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