A photo an hour.

June 19, 2012
I decided to document this past Sunday (Father's Day) with a photo an hour- inspired by Lindsay. Here is my day:

10:00am- I woke up very late (didn't hear my alarm) so it was a mad dash to get ready for my Father's Day breakfast with my family.

10:45am- In the car with my sister and sister-in-law headed to meet the family for breakfast.

11:15am- We have arrived at Cracker Barrel. There was an almost 2 hour wait for breakfast!

12:54pm- My sister-in-law, sister and Dad; getting ready to leave Cracker Barrel to head over to our next stop.

1:55pm- We came out to the Fruit and Spice Park to attend their annual Fruit Festival. My dad wanted to check it out, so this was our "Father's Day" event with him.

2:05pm- They had this huge tent set up with just about every single kind of mango that exists, plus samples to taste. I had no idea there were so many different varieties of mango.

3:00pm- Father and daughters.

3:45pm- Finally home again.

4:30pm- Headed to the dog park

5:25pm- Getting ready to head home from the dog park, so we let Riley take a quick dip in the lake to rinse off all the dirt and doggy slobber. 

6:35pm- Driving over to Mike's parents home, for Father's Day dinner. 

7:30pm- Everyone in the kitchen, serving their dinner plates.

8:15pm- The sky was so pretty this evening. 

9:00pm- After dinner (while still at Mike's parents house) I decided it was time to paint my nails. 

10:45pm- My nails are done!

11:45pm- Home again and relaxing on the couch before bed. 

12:35am- Time for bed, Riley!


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