Not-so-Wordless Wednesday.

June 13, 2012
Today's Wordless Wednesday is brought to you by countless trips to the dog park in the last week and a half. I wish I had pictures that were more interesting than the dog park, but unfortunately I haven't gone anywhere "picture-worthy." Whenever Mike is traveling, Riley doesn't get the walks and exercise that she is used too, while being home with Mike all day. When Mike is away, I try and make up for his not being here by taking Riley to the dog park as much as possible. This current trip, she's gone to the park almost every single day he's been gone- except for one day that it rained. It makes me happy to make my puppy happy!

These two ladies did not have dogs of their own. The older lady apparently loves dogs/being around dogs, so she has her daughter bring her to the dog park so she can sit on the bench and watch all the dogs play. She seemed so happy to be there. 

At this point, Riley was so tired that she kept laying down- but she still wanted to play! She tried her best to try and play while laying down. It was really cute. 

A Great Dane- her favorite!!

Her face here is so funny!

Riley likes to show off in front of the other dogs, that she can do the obstacle course ;) 

How can you not love that face?! 

This is Mazzy- he is a rescue dog from Cairo, Egypt! He was found homeless on the streets, with two damaged back legs. He was brought to the US and adopted. When he first came to the US, he only knew his commands in Arabic and Egyptian- he had to learn English. 

This is  Mazzy going for a "run" using his wheels. He was so cute!

This is Randy, my friend Alexandra's dog. She met us at he dog park a couple of times.

Riley loves to jump on the picnic tables and gets in everyone's face- no shame!

Alexandra and Riley. 

The dog park is right next to this lake- it's such a pretty view. 


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