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June 15, 2012

I am not sure if it's just old age creeping up on me, but this week has felt not only really long, but my body has been feeling extra-tired and achey. I am looking forward to tomorrow, where I will hopefully get to sleep in! My body needs rest, I think. As always, here is this week's installment of all things awesome:

This PostSecret (I have so much love for Margot/Richie Tenenbaum)

These amazingly awesome dog tattoos (by the very talented Ryan Mason, Kapten Hanna, & Josh Woods)

This quote.

This crazy snow-globe looking-house (via Tiny Houses: Small Spaces)

This print/words of encouragement (via The Ruffle House)

This PINK lake! Yes it's a real lake- Lac Rose, in Senegal (via Spookular)

These legs that I am secretly (not so secretly? lol) jealous of. I wish I could do full leg pieces! (found on Tumblr)

This print of heart beats (via Paper Crowns)

This cute way that Ellen and Portia celebrate their anniversaries (via Little Chief Honeybee)

This neat cantaloupe bowl (via Vegetabowls)

This great photo of Jamie and Kevin (via From Me, To You)

This portrait of Audrey Kawasaki (via Audrey Kawasaki)


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