Flashback Friday.

June 15, 2012
It's been at least 7 or 8 months since I was last tattooed, which for me, is a long time! I miss being tattooed. The pain sucks (and seems to just get worse the older I get) but I love the whole tattoo experience and especially the outcome- being left with a permanent piece of art. I have a million more ideas for future tattoos...I just need to find the time/space/money to get them all ;) I needs to be tattoo time again very soon!

me getting tattooed.

Getting tattooed.

Getting tattooed.







i love to watch.

hard at work!


day 220.

getting your ditch tattooed sucks!


second/final tattoo session.


adding background color to the rest of my arm.

staring at my arm, wondering when it'll all be over.

laughing at holden...or was he laughing at me? haha


i was actually in A LOT of pain here.

Getting your hands tattooed HURTS!
(this last photo is from the last time I was tattooed, in October 2011)

As always, my favorite, talented and wonderful tattoo artists are Holden and Anson.

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  1. I'm already thinking about a new one + I just got one, haha. Addictive ;) Somehow I always forget about how painful they are. I agree that it is worth it in the end. ♥


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