June 18, 2012


LOVING: that Mike unexpectedly got time off work. He was supposed to leave today but turns out he doesn't have to leave again until a week from today. Having this extra week together is a blessing and I am grateful that I have the few extra days with him.

THINKING ABOUT: my hair appointment. I love going to get my hair cut and colored. Always have- I attribute it to spending so much time in hair salons with my mother while I was growing up. I even love the smell of hair dye- which is so weird!

ANTICIPATING: going dress shopping for an upcoming wedding that I am attending. It's a black-tie/formal wedding, so I can't wear just 'anything.' As per my usual, I will hit up the Macy's clearance racks and see what I can come up with.

LISTENING TO: nothing really at the moment, unless you count what Mike is watching on tv (Pawn Stars).

EATING: nothing right now...but I am still digesting my dinner and the yummy frozen yogurt that I had for dessert. Mike and I went to Yogurama after dinner and I got French vanilla yogurt, topped with fresh strawberries, nuts, and sprinkles.

WISHING: that I could have this whole week off of work to spend with Mike. Once he leaves on Monday, he wont be back home until August (!!!). Unfortunately I'm alone in the office all week and I can't even take an afternoon off. *sigh*

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  1. mmm... yogurt.

    Let me know if you want to hang soon. I need to see you before I leave for France in August.


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