(somewhat) Wordless Wednesday.

May 30, 2012
This week's somewhat Wordless Wednesday is brought to you by bits and pieces of my neighborhood; a trip to the beach with Riley; a  Memorial Day picnic with my family (where I apparently have issues eating cupcakes); and Chinese wish lanterns that Mike got for us to use.

Whenever Mike and I walk Riley behind our house (where there used to be railroad tracks), we try and collect all the old rail road nails/screws we can find. We've got quite a collection started- this is not even half of it! 

Riley decided that sometimes not having a ball or stick to fetch is okay- a green mango works just fine!

Can you tell that the county hasn't come to mow the grass the grows behind our house/on the old railroad tracks?

I find it funny that these people own two huge Great Danes and also a tiny little papillon.

Riley always looks for these dogs on our walks, but is scared of them at the same time! 

Riley and her papa enjoying the nice weather at the beach. 

She loves fetching things out of the water. 

My baby girl really loves the beach so much! 

I clearly had some issues while eating a cupcake during my family's Memorial Day picnic and of course, Mike had to take some pictures of me looking all crazy ;) 

Mike ordered some Chinese wishing lanterns off of eBay recently, because he though it was a cute idea and something fun for us to do. It was actually pretty neat to watch them float off into the sky and watch them fade away until the burned out.


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