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May 11, 2012
Happy Friday everyone :) I'm a little bit late with this week's post. I've been busy (for a change) at work, so my usual Internet slacking off is on the back burner these days. Mike has been out of town all week and I am definitely looking forward to his being home on Sunday night. I think I might take Riley to the beach tomorrow and then I have Mother's Day plans on Sunday with Mike's mom, sister and Nana. What are you all doing this weekend??

These really cute note cards, using a friendship bracelet design, are so cute! (via Design*Sponge)

This dog, all nice and colorful, courtesy of the Color Run (via Dog Milk)- they had an event like this in Miami, you better believe that Riley and I would be out there getting in that mess too!

The photos that Joanna posted of her mini-vacation to Amsterdam- they make me want to visit so bad! (via A Cup of Jo)

This really awesome, modern, DIY dog crate, that doubles as coffee table- how cool! (via Dog Milk)

These really beautiful photographs by Alberto Seveso (via A Chance To Fly)

This really great bookcase (via August Empress)

This concept digital camera, modeled after Instagram, it prints out photos and lets you choose different filters (via PhotoJojo)

This illustration (found via Tumblr)


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