Throwback Thursday.

April 12, 2012
These photographs are from the first vacation that Mike and I ever took together, to Fort Myers Beach- this was in June 2009, about 2 months before we started dating. We had such a great time- fishing, swimming, eating, relaxing, and me getting tattooed. Once we became a couple, Fort Myers Beach instantly became one of "our places." We love going there as often as possible, even just for the weekend. We both love the extremely laid back FMB attitude and FMB is one of the first places we think of when we want to get away.

I have to say that one of the things that saddens me the most about this upcoming summer, is the likelihood of us not being able to make any trips to FMB this year. We'd already started making plans, talking about how much fun it was going to be to include Riley this year...and now it's all on hold. My back has been deteriorating rapidly in the past month. I've been missing a lot of work because of the pain and I've been generally having a much harder time dealing with my back pain than usual. Lately, sitting any place for more than an hour puts me in excruciating pain, so I know that a 4 hour car ride to FMB is not in the cards for me at the moment. It breaks my heart to think about not going anywhere this summer. With that being said, I love being able to look at these pictures and re-live our first trip together.

dale it's a vacation!
We arrived in Fort Myers Beach in time to catch a quick dip in the ocean and watch the sunset. 

chillin out, maxin'


the outrigger hotel.
This trip was also my first attempt at TtV photography. Looking at these pictures makes me want to try it again. I definitely didn't give this enough of a chance.



The west coast of Florida is known for an abundance of shells- I mean just look at all of these buried in the sand!! (Side note, the shell col

Ready for dinner and drinks, the night after I got my arm tattooed. (I look so much thinner here!)



collecting shells in sanibel.
Seriously, ALL THE SHELLS!




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