Thanks to Riley.

April 3, 2012

Thanks to Riley, I now
  • Have an easier time dealing with Mike being away a lot of the time during race season- I don't sit around and mope like I used to- so this is a really good thing for me.
  • Am much more active and don't lead a completely sedentary lifestyle- she keeps me constantly moving, which is really great for me.
  • Am constantly laughing or smiling at something she's doing. She's such a happy and fun dog that you can't help but be in the best mood because of her.
  • Have become a lot less self-absorbed. I have to focus on her now and not just me ;) 
  • Am much more responsible- not that I wasn't responsible before, because I was, but she's definitely made me even more so. 
  • Am much closer to Mike. Obviously Mike and I have always been close but I know that Riley has definitely changed "us" and our relationship- for the better. She brought us closer together as a family, I suppose. She's brought out the nurturing, fatherly side of Mike and brought out the mother in me. 

I could sit here and write about all of the amazing things about Riley and how much love and happiness she's brought us, but I am suddenly at a loss for words to describe what a happy, loyal and loving dog she is. She's more than a dog, she's family.


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