Riley is growing up!

April 13, 2012
I try to get on the computer over the weekends, so that is why I am making this post today rather than tomorrow. Riley turns 11 months old tomorrow!! I can hardly believe that in a month my baby girl will be a year old! It feels like just yesterday I made the extremely long and extremely nerve-wracking trip to West Palm Beach to meet Riley for the first time and bring her home. I was SO nervous meeting her, the breeders and her mom. I was worried that Riley wouldn't like me and wouldn't want to come home with me! I can't believe I was even worried about that ;) I think I was nervous because I had to meet her/pick her out without Mike, because he was away at a race. Needless to say, I obviously made the right choice and Riley obviously loves her mama and papa! In honor of Riley's 11 months, I answered a little survey on her behalf. I post hundreds of her photos here but there are so many awesome little Riley details that you don't know about. 

 My beautiful baby girl :)

Name: Riley Mia Yankovich is her full name. I picked her first name and Mike picked her middle name. Her middle name is a tribute to Miami aka MIA.

Nickname: Riley-Piley, RyeRye, Poop-a-loops, Poops...and we sometimes call her almost any other "R" name just to be funny: Ripley, Rusty, Rupert...

Age: turns 1 year old on May 14, 2012

Breed: Vizsla

How did I end up with this breed/Riley? Since I was really young, I've always been one to watch dog shows on television and Vizsla's were always a breed that always stood out to me. As I got older and learned more about the breed, I liked what I read about them. I've grown up with dogs my whole life and had many different breeds, from pure breed to rescues. Mike had never really had a dog before, so he pretty much left the entire puppy-finding process up to me. Obviously I included him in all of my decisions, but because I had more experience with dogs, he trusted my judgement when I started narrowing down my breed selection. Vizsla's are a hunting breed from Hungary and are known for loving the water. They are also a very loyal, affectionate and loving breed. So affectionate in fact, they have the reputation of being a "velcro dog" because they get so attached to their owners. After everything I read about them, their personalities, their love of water, their size and temperament, they became our first choice of breed. I believe in pet adoption and rescuing a dog that needs a home but Vizsla's are not a common breed and the Viszsla rescue club in Florida RARELY gets animals that need homes. I literally sent dozens of emails to breeders all over Florida (mostly North Florida) and no one was breeding Vizsla's any time soon. I was starting to feel like I'd never get a Vizsla and out of the blue, about 6 months after I started looking for a breeder, one found me! I got an email from a really nice lady about 2 1/2 hours north of me, saying that she got my email from another breeder and did I still want a Vizsla. She was breeding her dog and would find out soon if she was pregnant. I don't think I've ever replied back to an email so fast in my life! Needless to say, thanks to her we ended up with Riley, the love of our lives.

Favorite toy: her Kong Wubba (she has a little one and huge one) and any kind of ball/tennis ball

Favorite food: dehydrated/baked sweet potato slices, raw zucchini, red apples. She LOVES her fruits and veggies!

Favorite place to sleep: During the day: on the back of the couch so she can look out the window; at night: between Mike and I- literally on a pillow between us- yup she's spoiled ;) We have a huge king-size bed though, and she fits perfectly between us, with enough room to spare.

Weirdest quirk: Miss Riley has a few quirks. She likes to lick your wet feet and ankles after you shower. She snores LOUDLY when she sleeps. She's obsessed with Mike's socks and only Mike's- she could care less about my socks. And finally- eating sticks. Yes, EATING. She's so weird. She loves to find any/all sticks outside and start chewing away. She loves sticks and I don't mind her playing with them- as long it's just playing. but that's not enough for Riley. She chomps away on sticks and eats them like they're beef jerky! Mike and I are forever taking sticks away from her.

Pet peeves: Her biggest pet peeve is Mike and I showing ANY affection towards each other. Gone are the days of Mike and I being the touchy-feely, lovey-dovey, constantly hugging and kissing couple. Riley will jump on us, bark like a maniac at us, sit/stand in between us, etc. to try and stop us, anytime that Mike and I show affection to each other. The sound of a kiss drives her mad; us hugging makes her throw a fit! It's hilarious and annoying at the same time. Mike and I have resorted to sneaking hugs and kisses whenever Riley leaves the room or is asleep and we've trained ourselves to kiss very, very quietly LOL. Funny thing is, we haven't been able to figure out which one of us she's jealous of!

Best trick: She knows how to play dead. If you point a fake gun at her with your fingers and say "BANG!" really loud, she'll flop on the floor, lay on her side and lay there. It's really cute.

If my Riley was another animal, what would it be? She would be a dolphin/porpoise! She loves being in the water and jumping around and splashing.

If Riley had a blog, what would it be named? "Let me tell you something" because she's EXTREMELY vocal. Riley swears she can talk. She doesn't just bark- she makes SOUNDS. Mike and I are trying our hardest to get her to make a sound that resembles "I love you" and I know one day we'll get her there!

*The idea for this post & survey came from the Dog Milk blog and their "The Scoop!" blog feature.


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