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April 20, 2012

Happy Friday!! How is everyone doing this lovely Friday? It seems like it's about to turn into a rainy Friday here in Miami and I am hoping that is not an indication of our upcoming weekend weather. We were hoping to be able to take Riley to the lake at some point this weekend for a swim. No rain this weekend please! Hope you all have a great weekend- here are some cool things I found online this week:

This beautiful setting. I wish I knew where this was! (found via Tumblr)

This french toast recipe from Miss James (via A Cup of Jo)

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This beautiful .GIF (via Little Chief Honeybee)

This top knot how-to from A Beautiful Mess

This amusing PRO/CON journal (via BB-Blog)

This really cute idea for a children's toy- they copy your children's artwork and turn it into a toy (via Spookular)

These really cute nautical rope bracelets (via A Cup of Jo)

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This great Adele .GIF (found via Tumblr)

This cute tattoo flash by Ashley Love- I like that this pin-up is chubby!

This amazing dog portrait tattoo by Adam Barton

These photos on Naomi's blog, from a weekend trip to NYC with her family- they really make me nostalgic for the birthday trip that Mike and I took to NYC a couple of years ago. (via Rockstar Diaries)

This amazing iPhone photography (via Photo Jojo)



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