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April 6, 2012

Because I was a slacker (too busy, tbh) and didn't make a Love this! post last week, this week you all get an extra-big post! I hope you enjoy!

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This GIF found on Tumblr

This picture of Maddie- she looks so happy to be in that swing! (via Maddie on Things)

This video of Lindsay Lohan's morphing face, from newborn to adult. Poor girl looks ROUGH. I love that they included her mug shot(s) into this video though ;) (via OhNoTheyDidnt)

This cool art installation by Steve Lambert (via Yellow Bird Yellow Beard)

These pet floats- which would be awesome if I had a pool! (via Dog Milk)

These really cute sandals- perfect for summer. I especially love the orange shade- so pretty! I wonder if my back would tolerate me wearing these... ;)

These stunning photographs, shot in Italy, make me long for another visit to Italy so badly! (via Paper Crowns)

I have a big love for striped shirts, so this cute print by Caitlin McGauley immediately caught my eye (via Pinterest)

I can't wait for my hair to be as long as Christen's! (she's from Two Happy Hearts)

Speaking of hair I envy, Naomi from the Rockstar Diaries has really pretty long hair that I love (and a really cute daughter too!)

7 Steps to Happiness (via Pinterest)

This beautiful photo of Grenada, Nicaragua (did you guys know that I am half Nicaraguan? Betcha didn't know that!) (via Travel This World)

This really cute embroidered art (via 365 Lucky Days)

This awesome patterned wallpaper (via Design*Sponge)

This beautiful collage by Cassandra Warren

This awesome porch bed/swing- wouldn't this be perfect for relaxing on the weekends? I can totally picture Mike, Riley and I napping away our Sundays on that! (via Prehistoric)

This really cute pug t-shirt from LastEarth (too bad there are never any cute Vizsla t-shirts!)

This funny MonaLISAFRANK that I saw on Tumblr (you know you liked Lisa Frank when you were a kid!)

This quote from Frank Zappa

And finally I leave you with my new favorite Tumblr- I'm literally going through all of the pages, reading every post and giggling to myself. I'm also trying to restrain myself from re-blogging everything! #WHATWESHOULDCALLME


  1. OMG that tumblr is hilarious. I'm still going through it, but I'm officially addicted!!

    1. I'm 25 pages in, and still not done with that Tumblr ;)

      i LOVE this one:

  2. Aw, thanks so much for sharing my photos, girl!
    OMG, that video of Lindsay's face is insane (love ONTD!)
    and the dog on the swing is SO CUTE!


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