April 16, 2012


Loving: Loving the way that my bangs are growing out. I usually hate them in the growing out stage, but this time (so far!) it's been great.

Thinking about: Thinking about the doctor appointment I had last week (a second opinion about my back) and it didn't exactly go as I'd hoped or wanted. I've got lots of thinking and figuring out to do.

Anticipating: I can't wait to get home to Mike tonight! He arrived really late last night from Long Beach and it was so late and I was so tired, that we didn't get to really catch up with each other yet. I want a dinner date tonight, just so we can talk, flirt and catch up with each other.

Listening to: Listening to absolutely nothing right now! Sometimes it's nice just to have a little bit of silence and quiet.

Eating: I just nom-nom-nommed on some "cuties" - they are so delicious! I never cared much for citrus before, but now that I've started eating cuties, I'm addicted!

Wishing: I wish that there was a miracle cure for my back and that I could just wave a magic wand and have all of this go away. I'm so sick of living (or NOT living, really) my life around my back pain and what I am able (or not able) to do.

What are all of you up to right now?


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