Airport goodbyes.

April 30, 2012
Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike airport goodbyes? Mike just left for another trip this afternoon. For almost 8 years I've been dropping him off at the airport and having to say goodbye to him, for a week, sometimes weeks, at a time. You would think after so many years of doing it, that it would somehow get easier to deal with, but it doesn't. In the last 3 years that we've been dating, I've dropped him off at the airport for every single trip- I make it a point to be the one that drops him off. In these 3 years, there hasn't been a time where I haven't gotten a little teary-eyed during/after our goodbyes. I don't necessarily break down crying, but I do always get a little misty. I am such an emotional person and having to say goodbye just isn't easy for me. We both enjoy each others company so much, we're with each other almost all of the time, so being without him (even for a week or two) is a hard adjustment to make. Unfortunately because of Mike's crazy travel schedule for work, he travels constantly, so once I finally do get used to his being away, it's time for him to come home again. Then he's home for a little while and then has to leave again and we start the whole cycle all over again.

Mike being away always gets me thinking about how other people do this and how other people get through times like this. Like my friend Dawn for instance- she's a military wife, so being away from your spouse comes with the territory. In the years that we've been friends, I think that her husband has been deployed for longer than he's been home. She's had to deal with countless deployments and I can't even begin to imagine how hard that must be on the two of them. She's a really great wife and deals with it so smoothly (from what I can tell). I definitely admire her strength and patience.

How do you handle being away from your loved ones??

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