Wordless Wednesday.

March 7, 2012
This edition of Wordless Wednesday is brought to you by Riley- naturally, Mike, our backyard and a special appearance by my dad and step mom.

I want to paint this rusted iron-work chair SO BADLY! But to properly do it, I want to have the rust sandblasted off and I'm lazy and cheap ;) 

During one of our many walks, we ended up at my old high school and took Riley to play at the baseball field. (We live in walking distance of my old high school and junior high!)

I love this shot of the two of them. 

Some of Mike's jigs that he's just painted and hung out to dry.


  1. riley is so HUGE!

    btw, love the new blog look ;)

    1. Riley is enormous!! It's crazy how big she is!

      I get SO bored of my blog layouts that it's ridiculous. Because I was bedridden on Sunday, I spent all day online looking for a cute background to use and a new layout to customize! LOL and I've only had the new layout up for A DAY and I have already changed the header! haha ;)

  2. Is that a special dog-mouth shaped tennis ball? I am so curious I had to ask. Also, I miss those little air plants soo much, I should get you to send me a couple. Or is it illegal to take them home now?

    1. It's actually a small football that is made of tennis ball material. There are a bunch of toys at Petco that are made of tennis ball materials. I guess dogs like it cause they bounce and they can also tear up the balls? LOL


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