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March 1, 2012
The department that I work for has just been told that we are moving office locations. I work at a university and it's pretty common for departments to move office space from time to time. Aside from the general hassel and annoyance of having to move/pack up/clean/organize, I am actually looking forward to moving. I am mostly excited about having a new office space to decorate. I've spent quite a bit of my day on Pinterest, looking for (and pinning) a ton of DIY wall art ideas. Here are some of my favorites:

Here is a great idea for mounting and hanging big art, like this huge photograph.

Here is a cool idea for photographing small items and getting them enlarged/printed in a huge format- like this vintage envelope.

I think this would be a cute alternative to my current "photos strung on picture hanging wire" display.

I love this idea of a huge bold quote on the wall. For my office, perhaps a positive/motivational quote would be a good choice.

This is a really simple and easy way to have inexpensive DIY art: use small canvases or pieces of plywood to paint on.

Another easy idea is using white masking tape to create geometric patterns or designs on a canvas.

I also love both of those ideas for using paint chips in easy DIY wall art as well- and it's relatively cheap, as paint chips are free!

I can't wait to see what I come up with in the next couple of months- I'll be sure to post pictures of my new office!


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  1. awesome ideas! i just got moved to a new cubicle, but it's not as good as my other one was :(


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