Riley's beach adventure, part 2.

March 26, 2012
Here is part two of the pictures from Riley's trip to the beach

 This might've been right before she decided to wander towards the traffic. Ugh.

 My love.

 I love him so much <3

 See those tiny, short wood pillars on the left of the picture? That's their sad excuse for a "fence" which is no wonder that Riley was able to just wander into the traffic. 

Running around being crazy like always. 

 That sailboat in the distance caught her eye and she didn't like it very much. 

Then she started barking at it! It was so funny!

 She sat down in the water and just stared at it. She was so confused!

 Acting like the Lochness Monster. The Lochness Riley!

 This is definitely one of my favorite pictures. It's got 3 of my favorite things in it: the Miami skyline, Riley and Mike.

Mike and Riley just make my heart swell with so much love. Those two complete my life!

And finally, Riley and her mama.

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  1. love seeing you in the pics too!

    these are beautiful!!


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