Riley's beach adventure, part 1.

March 26, 2012
Mike and I took Riley to the beach on Saturday evening, to let her swim and play in the water. We waited and went at 6:30pm, hoping to find the beach less crowded and to catch the sunset. We had a really great time aside from me dropping me iPhone in the ocean and aside from Riley almost getting hit by a car. 

The dog beach we go to (the ONLY dog beach in Miami, which makes no sense considering it's Miami!) doesn't have much in the way of a fence, to keep dogs/people/whatever separated from the 6 lines of traffic on the edge of the beach. Riley (like most dogs) likes to wander off and because she's still a puppy, she doesn't always listen when she's supposed to. So we're at the beach, Mike is near the water and I am walking with Riley, just following her while she's exploring. One thing leads to another and she starts to go near the sidewalk- which is a little to close for comfort to the road. I start calling her to come to me (and get her away from the road) and of course she doesn't listen and instead starts trotting closer to the road. I start to freak out and run towards her, screaming her name and she still doesn't listen. She ended up right next to the edge of the road, so close in fact, that a car honked at her!! I guess the honking got her attention and she came back towards me. I was so freaked out and scared. It was an extremely close call- too close. If she would've taken one more step, she would've been in the road! We stayed at the beach for less than 5 minutes after that because we just did not want to take anymore chances with her. But like I said, aside from that, we had a really nice time with her. I was my usual camera-happy self and took 340 pictures while we were there. Here are some of my favorite pictures that I took: 

 I love them so much!

 She's hilarious when she's at the beach- she's always jumping!

 This will always be one of my all-time favorite views. I never get sick of this. 

 She has so much fun playing with her papa.

 She loves her papa so much. 

 Her EARS. I die!

 Mama's pretty girl!

Please check out part two of this post!! More pictures!


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