March 26, 2012
My new favorite picture of me and Riley


Loving: The pictures that I took this past Saturday at the beach. I'm sure everyone and their mother must be sick of all my Riley photos (especially you blog readers and those that are friends with me on Facebook) but I can't help myself! I love my dog and I love photographing her. In the early 2000s, I used to be obsessed with photographing doors and door knobs. Then I developed a fascination with shooting architecture and landscapes. Shortly thereafter I discovered my love of shooting graffiti. At some point, Mike came along and for 5+ years all I did was shoot him! Now I've moved on from Mike to Riley. If I had a baby, I'm sure I'd be just as obsessed with photographing it too! What can I say? I get obsessed easily and often ;)

Thinking about: About Mike and how it's going to be almost 6 more days until I get to kiss him and hug him again. He just left yesterday morning for Atlanta. He'll be there all week. The first 2 days are always the worst for me. Eight years of all this traveling and you'd think I'd be used it to it by now! Hardly. 

Anticipating: My appointment this Saturday morning to get my hair done. I'm getting my usual sun streaks/blonde touch up but I'm wondering if I should get a bang trim OR let my bangs grow out for upcoming summer. I'm wondering if I want to deal with a sweaty forehead and deal with keeping my bangs straight in all the humid Miami weather. Part of me loves me bangs so much that I'll just deal with it...but then the other part of me says "why give yourself the extra hassle?" #FirstWorldProblem basically ;)

Listening to: I have the movie All Good Things on right now. I'm trying to free up space on the DVR for the free Starz later this week. I always go crazy recording a ton of movies to watch whenever there are free movie channels. I recorded All Good Things the last time we had a free movie channel weekend. Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst are in this movie. I can't stand her, but who doesn't love Ryan? I had no idea this movie was a true story. That aspect alone is intriguing but I'm not sure what I think of this movie yet. This whole thing is just bizarre. 

Eating: Riley and I are sharing a navel orange for desert tonight. It's so juicy and delicious! Have I ever mentioned that Riley absolutely loves eating fruits and veggies? Her new favorite is zucchini (raw) but she also loves sweet potato (dehydated), apples (raw),  and oranges/cuties (raw). It's the cutest thing and honestly, I'd much rather give her fruits and vegetables at a fraction of the price of dog treats- and it's a whole lot healthier for her too. 

Wishing: I wish that Mike wasn't called away this week at sort of the last minute. I wish he could've been home for at least part of this week because I really wanted to go to the Fair. This is the last week of the Fair and we haven't been able to go because of my back. My back is a little more tolerable this week, so it'd be great if he was home :( I don't even want to go to ride any rides- that would kill my back. I just want to go have some fair food (elephant ear please!) and take some Instax pictures of the rides and things. Oh well- there is always next year!

*Danielle and her posts always inspire me to do mine!


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  1. if you need someone to go to the fair with i'm down to go on sunday (since i have a show on sat.)


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