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March 16, 2012

Happy Friday everyone! How is everyone adjusting to the time change? From what I've been reading on Facebook this week, most of the people I follow are hating the time change and are having a hard time adjusting to it. I for one am loving the time change. Yes it sucked the first day, with missing out on an hour of sleep but the rest of the week has been great. I love leaving work and having it still be daylight outside- it makes a huge difference in my mood. I also like having at least 2 hours of daylight left when I get home from work, instead of about 45 minutes. Thanks to the time change I've been able to take Riley to the dog park twice and to the beach once, after work! Riley and I are definitely taking advantage of the extra sunlight :) As always, here are some of my favorite internet finds of the week:

 This great print and helpful reminder from Vapor.Qualquer on Etsy

Elsie's blog post with some neat tips about pet photography (via A Beautiful Mess)

This really cool bike lock made to resemble ivy (via A Cup of Jo)

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This gif I found on Tumblr. Riley definitely needs something like this, with all her energy!

This vintage sewing machine tshirt that reminds me of my crafty friend Diana

This awesome panda hot air balloon- how cute! (via Little Chief Honeybee)

This really cute initial ring from LalaDesignStudio on Etsy (via Designed By Diana)

This great letterpress print I saw on Pinterest (too bad I don't know the original source- I'd love this one for my home) 

These great Vizsla pictures from Diesel Dog (too bad it seems to be an inactive blog). How can you not love the two Vizsla's jumping through the tall grass and flowers? (via It's A Vizsla Thing)

I know I've mentioned my desire to build a fort in my living room on here before and thanks to Pinterest, I've found a way that I can do that in my backyard too. Isn't it cute? I would just need to do it pretty soon because it's already starting to get pretty hot here in Miami. It also looks like it's something that if hung correctly, it would withstand Riley's antics, which is another added bonus ;)

Shane McAdams' impressive artwork, created using ballpoint pen! (via Spookular)

These feelings- because they really are the best! There's just something about a forehead kiss that always makes me feel good. (found on Tumblr)

And in case you missed it the first time around, this cute video of Riley! 


  1. that bike lock is adorable, i think i need one.

    and you know i've always wanted a sewing machine shirt, but never actually gotten one? I love that one you posted the machine is so cute :)

  2. the back yard fort is adorable! i'll have to keep that in mind when i get a back yard (if i ever do, haha).


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