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March 22, 2012

One of my favorite websites to order from, for the past few months, has been Fab.com. I heard about Fab a while back, thanks to one of my favorite bloggers, Kaelah Bee, at Little Chief Honeybee. (Actually, I've found out about quite a few great sites thanks to her!) Not only do they have a really diverse selection of things for sale- they always have something for everyone, but they have great customer service- which I'll get to later. If you're not familiar with Fab or it's concept, I'll try and give you a brief explanation. It's a "flash sale site" which basically makes that every day, different items are offered up for sale. Being a "flash sale" the items are only available until a) the items sell out  or b) when the sale period ends. The sale periods can be extremely short (just a few days) to a little longer of a couple weeks. I've noticed with a lot of the really popular merchants and products, that items tend to sell out quickly, so if there something up for sale on Fab, don't hesitate too long to buy it! Most of the merchandise on Fab is offered at such a great discount and price, that it's no wonder that they sell out repeatedly. Fab.com happens to be an invite-only site, so if you haven't signed up yet, you really should! And sign up for the emails, so you know what goes on sale and when! Here is an invite code in case you would like to sign up: http://fab.com/mu1bqp

With that being said, I recently placed an order for this awesome little mug, which finally came in the mail today. I'm so in love with hour cute it is, that I just had to take some pictures to show you all!

 It makes my day when I get home from work and I have a box from Fab waiting for me.

 And it always makes me smile to see their little heart sticker every time too :)

 I ordered a Creature Cup and my first choice was this really cute octopus cup, but the by the time I went to place my order, the octopus was sold out, so I went with the lobster instead.

The cup is a really nice blue-gray color.

Here is the lobster peaking out of a quick cup of chai that I made- because of course I had to use my new mug right away! I'm so happy with this new purchase, just like every other purchase I've made on Fab.

When I ordered myself the lobster cup, I also ordered this "Don't Fuck It Up" t-shirt for Mike. He loves it and wore it underneath his fire suit/uniform at the race he worked this past weekend.

Just a few days ago, I ordered myself these lids that made to be used with Ball jars, to make a sort of adult sippy cup. When I saw these, I knew that I had to have them, to use with part of my Ball jar collection. I was especially lucky because I was able to purchase the last two they had in stock! I'm still waiting to receive these but when I do, hello sippy cup time!

Mike will tell you that this little tiny red Tego speaker for iPhones/iPods has been our best Fab purchase to date. Mike loves to listen to his iPhone in the bathroom when he showers and it's not that loud using the standard iPhone speaker. When I saw this little mini speaker with mini sub-woofer go on sale right before Christmas this last year, I knew right away that I had to get it for Mike. One major selling point is that instead of being battery, it is USB powered, so you just need to charge it by hooking it up to your computer. It is pretty darn loud for being so tiny and the little sub-woofer is a nice bonus for extra bass and loudness. Mike says he hasn't charged his speaker since December, uses it almost every day and it is still going strong! He tells me pretty often how much he loves this speaker and how happy he's been with it. If I see this ever go on sale again, I definitely want to get another one- so we have one to use at the beach.

I also ordered Riley a couple of doggie toys for her Christmas stocking which she of course loved :)

Back to why I mentioned their great customer service. Around Christmastime, I ordered a really nice, modern looking bamboo bowl. It was a pretty turquoise color and I loved the bamboo wood grain. Anyway, a few days after I placed my order, I got an email from a customer service rep at Fab- not even a standard form-email, but an actual personal email. The person explained to me that my item was no longer available. In order to compensate me for the inconvenience, they refunded me my money, gave me an additional Fab.com credit and also sent me a replacement item, similar to the one I'd ordered! I was floored! Most companies just refund your money and leave it at that. Fab went above and beyond with their customer service. Needless to say, I was very pleased. I was even more pleased a month later when a box from Fab showed up in the mail again, and it was my original turquoise bowl! Apparently they received new stock and sent it to me anyway, free of charge. Talk about awesome!

Another great thing about Fab is that you have opportunities to earn more credit with them. Right now they have a deal where if I link my Fab purchases to my Facebook and have it show up on my wall, I earn $5! I'll take free $5 to spend- I mean I'm gonna shop there anyway and every little bit helps ;) So far, the only problem with Fab that I've found, is that they have so many things that I WANT!! But I'm not made of money so I just browse the new sales every day and just window shop.

Thanks for reading my crazy fan-girl Fab.com post! Don't forget to use this invite code to become a Fab shopper yourself: http://fab.com/mu1bqp

(I was in no way paid to make this post/review. This was done to spread my love for Fab.com!)


  1. Oh..my..YES! Thank you for posting this! I was just looking at Threadless.com for a shirt for my boyfriend but this "don't fuck it up" shirt is PERFECT. You've made my day <3

    1. I'm glad you liked it! :) I hope that your boyfriend enjoys the tshirt as much as mine does!


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