Back problems, v.2 update

March 22, 2012

This was me last night, sleeping off all of the Xanax that I took to get me through my MRI. MRI's can be extremely claustrophobic and uncomfortable, so taking Xanax to keep me calm definitely helps! I had another MRI done on my lower back. It's sad when I can't even remember how many MRI's this makes. I've had maybe 5? 6? I honestly can't remember at this point.

My doctor scheduled me to have another MRI in order to evaluate my back problems further. He is concerned as to why the last steroid epidural shots he gave me didn't work too well. He wanted to see a new MRI to see if either a) I've gotten worse, b) to see if anything else has happened, or c) to see if I have developed something called spinal stenosis. He is pretty sure that I do not have spinal stenosis but he wanted to rule it out anyway. I hope I don't have it, as it eventually hinders your ability to walk (worst case scenario). Now that I have this new MRI, I just have to wait until my next doctor appointment and take it from there. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it's not spinal stenosis!

I placed those red arrows there, so you can see my messed up discs! Compared to my other discs, you can see the difference and how they SHOULD look, as opposed to how they do look. The almost non-existent space between my vertebrae is the reason for all of my pain. 

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  1. :(

    i hope it's not spinal stenosis too. Are you a candidate for surgery? i hope they can do something to help you


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