Getting crafty with Pinterest.

March 29, 2012
If you're anything like me (and the rest of the Internet) you've jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon and obsessively pin anything and everything. One of things I tend to pin the most (aside from wedding ideas and nail polish colors LOL) are all sorts of DIY craft ideas. I pin things all the time but until this week, I'd never gotten around to actually making any of the things I've been obsessively pinning. Being the crazy dog mama that I am, it should come as no surprise that I made Riley a dog toy. I had fun making her this tug-toy, it was really easy plus she LOVES it, so that just makes it really great any way you look at it. 

Pinterest has a few different dog toy DIY ideas- most of them involving old t-shirts or fabric scraps. I had a few old t-shirts that I had set aside to donate to Goodwill, so I decided to use them for this project instead. I looked through the different pins in my pinboard to get the basic idea and then I set out to make one for Riley. It was so easy to make that I can definitely see myself continuing to make these for her. 

Here are a few of my tshirts. I ended up using only three shirts, to have 3 colors/patterns.

I measured out about 20 inches and started cutting strips, trying to keep them all about 20 inches long and about 3 inches wide.

As you can tell, I definitely wasn't going for perfection here! All my strips were different widths. I ended up cutting 15 strips total, 5 from each t-shirt.

I gathered all my strips and tied them together on one end. I made the tightest, strongest knot I could. I originally cut 15 strips, but it was too bulky to tie into a good knot, so I ended using only 3 strips from each color, for 9 strips total.

 After you tie your knot, you just make a basic braid and tie another strong knot at the end.

And then you're done and it's ready for your dog- in this case Riley, who was not-so-patient! She hated taking these pictures, because I wouldn't let her play with the braid right away.


 She LOVED it right away.

 She paraded and pranced around the backyard like a lunatic. It was awesome.

 Good job! Riley approved!

Wordless Wednesday.

March 28, 2012
Wordless Wednesday this week is brought to you by me, Mike & Riley and our backyard.

Tiny baby mangoes!! Can't wait for them to get big and juicy!!

Sunglasses obsessed.

March 27, 2012
day thirtyfive.

day eightysix.

w1-1day 365.


polaroid 292.

me and mike.

thirty two.

aviators. day 20.

chillin out, maxin'


picture146 at the park.

beach day. sunrise.


Do you think I like sunglasses, or what? As you can clearly tell, I definitely enjoy wearing sunglasses. I used to get my sunglasses at places like Forever 21 (who doesn't love sunglasses for less than $6?) or the Juniors section of Nordstrom's ($10 each!!) but then this past Christmas, using gift cards I'd received, I bought myself my first pair of "expensive" glasses- matte black RayBan Wayfarers. I used to buy cheap sunglasses because I always lose them, sit on them, scratch them, etc. so this way, replacing them wasn't a big deal. Now that I have my fancy RayBans, I am much more careful. They are always in their case when not being used and I do my best to take care of them.

Last week, while catching up on my blog reading, a post of Lindsay's caught my eye and made the sunglasses hoarder in me squee. She posted about this awesome new line of sunglasses by Toms. (Yes, those Toms!) Their glasses are so classic looking and I love the way the ear pieces that that "dipped in paint" look. They're pretty reasonably priced too, which is nice. You should definitely go to the Toms website and check them out!

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