Wordless Wednesday.

February 29, 2012
Wordless Wednesday is brought to you this week by breakfast at my favorite Nicaraguan restaurant with my sister, glimpses of spring in my back yard, a rainy day, the impending mango season and of course, Riley. 

These are all mango blossoms. I can't wait for ripe, delicious mangoes!


  1. is that wall of framed prints in your house? it's seriously awesome!

    1. yes ma'am!! that's our living room wall, above the tv. i always try and take a better/direct shot of the wall, but then all the glare shows, so then i just end up with the diagonal/sideways shot. the main huge print is an audrey kawasaki print. a couple of other prints are from etsy sellers but i'll be honest- the rest i've printed out :-X shh!! haha ;)


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