Throwback Thursday, Polaroid-style.

February 16, 2012
Remember when I used to take Polaroids all the time? Yeah I don't either :( 
These are all circa 2007-2011

save polaroid.

polaroid 474.

polaroid 410.

polaroid 402. (this is what photography at 70mph looks like.)

polaroid 292.

polaroid 104.

polaroid 76.

polaroid 31.

an insane amount of sea shells.

blue books.


antique keys.

oh, it's kerry.

black robot.

25 january 2008

ginger bloom.


manhattan bridge.

three owls.

red heart.


Hello Kitty.

Miami skyline.

red string of destiny.

trumpet flower.



Sea shell collection.

Squash & eggplant.


red onions.

smoked eggs.

Miami sunset.

Not gonna lie. I miss Polaroids. I REALLY miss the old Polaroid film. I miss shooting.
I don't even know where my SLR680 is right now- blasphemy!
What happened to me?

1 comment:

  1. my god you are so amazing.
    I fucking love these so much i cannot stand it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i just love your polaroids more than anything, they are gorgeous... god i love shooting with polaroids.... why does the film have to cost so much fucking money? as always... everything..... i hate it... not even fair.


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