February 10, 2012
 This is Miss Riley being lazy and sleepy the other night, laying all over the couch.


Obsessing over: getting a new purse. I can always use a new purse and I've been wanting a new one for weeks now. I keep looking around at different places but nothing really catches my eye. Well, nothing I can afford- if someone out there wants to buy me a Louis Vuitton bag, I wouldn't be mad ;)

Working on: a mini name banner that I want to possibly use in a photo-shoot tomorrow

Thinking about: the photo-shoot tomorrow- it's a Valentine's Day themed shoot with a 6 month old baby, so it should be really cute and really fun.

Anticipating: the weekend- what it will bring, what I will do with it, how I'll spend my time.

Listening to: the Liquid Swords album by GZA

Drinking: water with peach tea flavored Crystal Light. I'm trying to drink more water and sometimes adding the Crystal Light helps- you just need that tiny bit of flavor!

Wishing: That I knew what the next 6-12 months are going to bring for me and my family. Certain things are so up in the air right now, that it feels like it's hard to breathe.


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